The Learning Tree Curriculum is a play-based curriculum devised here at Higgy’s. Play is central to a child’s learning, as play is their mechanism for learning about the world. At Higgy’s we see learning as complex and holistic rather than a step by step approach.

The Learning Tree Curriculum is structured so that it is flexible and can respond to children’s emerging interests and capabilities creating an emergent curriculum. Our curriculum is structured so that all the children are active participants. This allows us to support the children to develop a sense of well-being, identity and belonging and helps develop the skills for communicating, exploring and thinking in accordance with Aistear, the National Curriculum Framework.

The Learning Tree Curriculum is unique to Higgy’s House and has been developed by our highly trained staff. It works in unison with Aistear, Siolta and Montessori.

Our curriculum begins in the Willow Room. Once the seeds of learning have been planted the Learning Tree stretches out its branches and grows from room to room, gaining strength and knowledge. Each branch of our curriculum adapts to the needs of each room and each individual child. Watch as your child blossoms and grows to reach their full potential.

We are committed to delivering a curriculum that is stimulating and caring. Our curriculum is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the individual child while also meeting the needs of the group of children within the room.

Our daily routine is designed to provide a flexible structure to help children feel secure, support our learning goals while also responding to the children’s needs and learning styles.

Each care room has its own unique curriculum based on the children’s ages and stages of development, interests and abilities.