Wobblers/Toddlers(1-2.5 years)


At Higgy's House, we understand that handing over the care of your baby /toddler for the first time is a big step for you. That is why we strive to make this transition as stress free as possible for you and your child. While it may take you awhile to adjust to the separation, children settle quickly into to their new environment and will learn to know and trust their careers.

A keyworker will work very closely with you the parents especially during the settling in period to get to know your child, their routines and their individual needs.

Higgy's House Learning Tree curriculum in our Willow Room is based on a diverse range of activities such as music, songs and stories, painting, water play, sand play, treasure baskets and much, much more. Each activity is designed to encourage the children to experiment, explore and have fun through a variety of play and sensory experiences. Then when all that learning through play is over we have a dedicated sleep room where each child has their own cot and sleep time routine.

Each day we will have a “Daily report” ready for you. This written note details how your child slept, how they ate and what happened or didn’t at nappy/potty time!

Willow Room Room Leader: Claudia Rosler (Fetac Level 6)

Childcare assistant: Danielle Morris (Fetac Level 5)


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