Wobblers/Toddlers(1-2.5 years)

At Higgys House Creche, we understand that leaving your child in unfamiliar surroundings for the first time can be a challenging experience. That is why we strive to make this transition as stress free as possible for you and your child. A keyworker will work very closely with you the parents especially during the settling in period to get to know your child, their routines and their individual needs.
In the Willow room children reach the developmental stage where they start to gain a sense of autonomy the sense of being a separate an independent self.The “no” of wobblers/toddlers is an assertion of autonomy that leads to freely saying “yes” and developing the power to control their bodies and feelings. Our Learning Tree curriculum and the Willow rooms’ daily routines have been devised to develop each child’s sense of autonomy, their sense of being a separate, independent self, which comes from being treated as an important individual and being allowed increasing opportunities for freedom. Children will take part in a diverse range of activities, music, songs and stories, which are designed to meet and develop their intrinsic sense for independence and exploration.

We have a dedicated sleep room to accommodate each child’s sleep pattern.
Each day we will have a “Daily report” ready for your child letting you know how they slept, how they ate and what happened or didn’t at nappy/toilet time!

The Willow Room supervisor and Assistant Manager is Lita Kinsella
(FETAC Level 6 Supervision in Childcare).